Summer’s here!

It’s time to keep moving or start doing a little bit of exercising since the weather is prime for workouts. Combine that with tweaking your eating habits and getting some fresh fruits, veggies and natural probiotics in and you’ll be energized and off to a great start. 

Here I’m doing one legged rows working back, abs, shoulders and balance with the Hanger 44 Suspension Training System. The Hanger is a great tool for helping balance out right-left side strength and flexibility in any part of your body.  

It’s also fantastic to do workouts at our breezy, open air studio, Area 44 Fitness. We get a great cross breeze and have a fantastic sound system for your music. 

Call (310) 721-1468 to schedule an appointment and I can show you which exercises are best for you, how to improve your flexibility, get your knees stronger, lose body fat, and more. Nutrition coaching included. 
Thanks for checking out my site and have a great day!

Mary K. 

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