My client Laura is totally consistent with her weight training every Tuesday & Thursday. At age 59, she looks & feels great!

Laura is an amazing girl! She works hard, manages her home life, and values her health by making time to keep her appointments with me which keeps her fit. Here, she is doing a controlled roll up and roll down with a 15lb. med ball keeping her lower back stable thereby strengthening her abs while protecting her spine. Notice the smoothness and mindfulness with which she moves. This is key even when you move at a quicker rate of speed. 

And guess what? We went to high school together, re-found each other, and I have been training her for 8 years now.  Needless to say, in addition to training hard, in between sets, we laugh, tell stories and play great music in the gym. We have a blast! I always do with my clients. Besides my focus on each client’s form, we always have fun!

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