Rock climbing this summer at Lake Cascade near Tahoe



We just finished hiking, or rather nearly rock climbing, down that small crack in the rocks in the far right of the photo. We then traversed on the upper ledge to an amazing pool that has it’s own waterfall and otter family, plus trout. It’s a perfect resting place with fresh, chilly water to take a dip in after a 6 hour hike at.. 7,000 feet!

Every summer, I plan a trip with my closest girlfriend to her family home on Lake Cascade near Tahoe. It’s the one on my main photo with the snow capped peak in the background. I have been coming here for over 25 years. There are a total of 6 homes. I certainly am no dummy! To keep fit is easy. We hike, run trails, stand up paddle, swim to Big Rock and back (really tough in altitude and I am a good swimmer), surf ski, and take turns making huge, healthy meals… SO much fun in such a beautiful, peaceful place that you can hardly capture it in a photo. Enjoy!

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