Now offering Coaching Calls!

I’ve had so many people over the years want to train with me but who live far away. Well, here ya go!

Just drop me an email: or DM me on Insta – @mksupersessions, my Facebook business page – MKSuperSessions Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching or Facebook – Mary K. Ludlow.

Thanks! Have an awesome day,

MK ❤️

Fairly new blogger here..but VERY enthusiastic lifelong fitness girl & writer!

Because Ii saidiwould

Welcome to my blog officially!

Thanks for reading, ‘liking’, and sharing comments. I am learning about bogging but have been writing for years. Simply put, I am out to change the world! I am still figuring out how to do that but I will. Life is too darn short not to, and I wake up every morning feeling compelled to do just that.

My thing is fitness & health. I really don’t remember this not being my thing. I grew up studying it and I still do, constantly. I LOVE learning and feel that I can learn from anyone at any age.

Feel free to check out my facebook pages as they have a lot of content – MKSuperSessions & Mary K. Ludlow – and please follow me on twitter: @MKSuperSessions; Instagram: MKSupersessions; check out my background and accomplishments on LinkedIn: Mary K. Ludlow, so that you know you are reading from a reliable source…very important! Again, welcome! Have a fantastic day! I started mine with a surf and a run—woohoo!